If you have new neighbors or know of anyone who could be a prospective member of our church, please give their name and contact information to an Elder, or bring the information to the Church Office.


We are a small, active congregation. We always welcome volunteers to donate goods, funds, their time, their talents, or their services whenever needed.

During events, we are always looking for volunteers to help prepare food, serve food, work in the kitchen, bus tables, and clean up.

Quilters for Lutheran World Relief Donations

Our Quilting Project is always accepting donations of blankets
and full, queen, and king size flat sheets.


We can always use donations to our supply closet.
30 gallon garbage bags, paper towels, and washroom tissue
are among our on-going needs.

Gordon Food Service

If you shop at GFS please remember to mention that you go to
St. Paul Lutheran Church in Whiting.

Purchases made by congregation members count toward rebates.
Rebates are calculated quarterly, and a check is sent directly to St. Paul.

Our account number is 2365099.

read more about this program ...


If you are a Thrivent Member, you periodically are given the opportunity to donate, via Thrivent Choice. Thrivent Choice lets you recommend where some of Thrivent's charitable outreach funds go by directing Choice Dollars.

St. Paul is available from the organization list to receive Choice Dollars.

read more about Choice Dollars ...

Swaddling Clothes Center

Grace Lutheran Church of Dyer, Indiana, provides a free store, Swaddling Clothes, to help parents who need a little help getting clothing, diapers, and other baby-related supplies for their little ones. For information on how you can donate and/or volunteer, please visit ... Swaddling Clothes


You can make a donation to Our Church.

Mail To:

St. Paul Ev. Lutheran Church
1801 Atchison Avenue
Whiting, IN 46394

Please make checks payable to St. Paul Ev. Lutheran Church.

You can support Our Missionary.

You can make a donation toward Reverend Gaugert's missionary ministry
by visiting

Thank You for your support.