Our Church

St. Paul's offers three Divine Services, a Sunday Morning English Service, a Sunday Noon Spanish Communion Service, and a Monday Evening English Service.

St. Paul's is located at the corner of Atchison Avenue and 118th Street, in Whiting, Indiana, just one block north of the Whiting Business District (which is on 119th Street) and 1/4 block east of Indianapolis Boulevard. Refer to the map on the side panel for futher directions.

Accessibility Amenities

We have an available parking lot, accessible parking availability in front of our Church, and also provide accessibility within our Church via our chair-lift system.

Fellowship Hall

Our Fellowship Hall is located below our Church. When attending one of our Events, we ask that you please use the 118th Street side entrance of our Church and proceed downstairs.

Church Office

Our Church Office is located behind our Parsonage. From the parking lot, walking behind the Parsonage, you will locate, on your right, stairs ascending to the Church Office entrance.

Church Office Hours

Church Office Phone Number: 219.659.0303

Reverend John C. Henry, III - Pastor

Pastor would be happy to make an appointment with any member, visitor, or guest of our church. Appointments may take place during noraml work hours or in the evening, and may take place either at the church or at some other location, dependingon comfort and circumstances.
To set aside the right time, please call Pastor on his cell: 219.713.1604

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Pastoral Care
Private Confession and Absolution
Premarital Counseling

Pastor's CellNumber: 219.713.1604

Caroline Gonzalez

Church Secretary
Tuesday through Thursday
9:00am - Noon

Keeping Us Informed

If you move, change your telephone number, have a birth or death, if you or a member of your family are hospitalized or in need of a visitation, please call the Pastor or the Church Office. The only way we will know if someone has a need is if you let us know.

If you wish to keep us informed, via email, complete the form below:

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