Dear Friends and Supporters,
Another academic year has come and gone here at the CLET in Dapaong, Togo. We had five students successfully complete their studies. They have returned to their home countries of Congo-Brazzaville and the Ivory Coast to begin their vicarages.

The thirteen students who are staying to continue with their second year of formation spent several weeks over this summer taking a course on computer skills. They were able to learn the basics of Windows and programs such as Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. These skills will be very important in their studies at CLET and at other institutions if they choose to pursue higher studies. This will also help to have more church leaders with competence in communication to aid in collaboration and transparency in church organization and financial projects.

The new school year brought seventeen new students to begin their studies. This brings our student body up to twenty-eight students – the highest it has been at CLET for several years now.

Another positive development is that fellow missionaries, Ms. Molly Christensen and Rev. Ryan McDermott and his family will be getting settled in Dapaong in the next few months. Ms. Christensen will be serving as a nurse for our seminary community and working with intermittent Mercy Medical Teams in West Africa. Rev. McDermott will be teaching sign language and helping our West and Central African partner churches to reach out to the deaf populations in their respective countries. Please pray that the Lord would guide and protect the new missionaries and the new students as they begin to get established in work and study in Dapaong.

Guinea Teaching Trip

I had the privilege of traveling and working with Rev. Tim Heiney in Guinea this July. You may remember that when I first accepted the call to serve as a theological educator in Africa my first experience on the continent was a two week trip in Guinea with Rev. Heiney and his wife, Beth. The Heineys have been active in Lutheran mission work in West Africa for decades. They specialize in evangelizing in unreached areas where no other missionaries have yet been active. By God's grace, they shared God's Word in Ghana and in Guinea. A tool that Rev. Heiney developed is a picture catechism, called “La Parole Dessinée,” which explains basic Christian doctrine, the Reformation, and the differences between Christianity and Islam. This picture Catechism has traditionally been given out to the faithful and the leaders on single photocopied sheets. Thanks to a generous donor through Mission Central inMapleton, Iowa, we have been able to print out laminated poster-size flip chart form. In this way, each evangelist, pastor, and congregation can have their own set that they can easily set up in the church building, or on a tree or post in a market area for instruction. These poster charts have just been printed in Wisconsin and will be sent to West Africa in the large shipping container that will depart in late 2017.

I was also accompanied by my supervisor, Rev. Gary Schulte and his wife, Stephanie. Rev. Schulte serves as the Area Director for West and Central Africa. Stephanie is a licensed nurse and helps with planning medical mission teams to West and Central Africa. For both Rev. Gary and Stephanie, this was their first time back in Guinea since they had served the LCMSin Africa 15 years ago. Gary was able to see how the church and leadership has developed over the years and to discuss the projects and goals that the church has for their further work. This visit was an important benchmark in the history of this church body because I, a theological educator at CLET, came to Guinea for an official teaching seminar. In the long history of the LCMS mission work in Guinea and the CLET, this was the first time a CLET missionary had done this kind of instruction in Guinea.

Container Project

Shortly after returning from Guinea, I had to hurry to the United States to take care of some final matters with the container project that has been in the works since January. I had to be on the ground to meet some contributors face to face and to help get some of the items to Wisconsin. The Lord has abundantly blessed our collection so far.

Our original plan was to acquire a few thousand hymnals and several hundred Book of Concord in French for the pastors and churches. Additionally, we wanted to acquire books for the libraries at the seminaries in Dapaong, Togo; Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo; and Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo. We also wanted to collect large bells and instruments.

So far, due to the fantastic cooperation of various organizations and individuals, we have acquired:

    2,000 Hymnals in French – donated by the Lutheran Church -Canada
    600 sets of a 3 volume dogmatics textbook in French by Dr. Wilbur Kreiss – in cooperation with Lutheran Heritage Foundation
    2,500+ copies of an abridged dogmatic text in French by Dr. Wilbur Kreiss – in cooperation with Lutheran Heritage Foundation
    400+ copies of the “Children's Garden of Bible Stories” in French – in cooperation with Lutheran Heritage Foundation
    400+ copies of “God's Yes and God's No” an abridged French version of C.F.W. Walther's “Law and Gospel” - in cooperation with Lutheran Heritage Foundation
    585 copies of “The Word Illustrated” in French in poster form – from a generous gift from Mission Central
    1000+ theological academic books in French for the seminary libraries in Dapaong, Brazzaville, and Kinshasa – from a generous gift from Mission Central and in cooperation with Rev. David and Carla Maffett in Paris, France
    2,500+ volumes of theological academic books in English for the libraries at Dapaong, Brazzaville, Kinshasa, and the training Institutes in Sierra Leone and Guinea – donated by the Chemnitz Library

Initiative of Concordia Theological Seminary library in Ft. Wayne (CTSFW) with outstanding cooperation and effort by Rev. Dr. Robert and Kay Roethemeyer and the library staff. * It is worthy of recognition that a significant portion of these books were generously donated by the family of the late Rev. Dr. Ronald Feuerhahn of Concordia Seminary St. Louis. We pray that these books help train future pastors and theologians in Africa in a way that would continue the faithful legacy of Dr. Feuerhahn*

    80 copies of “The Lutheran Hymnal” in English for Ghana – donated by the Chemnitz Library Initiative of the CTSFW Library.
    8,000+ copies of Good News Magazine in English and French – generously donated by Good News Magazine
    18 large cast iron church bells – donated by various individuals and congregations and also purchased with a gift through Mission Central
    various vestments, church banners, communion ware, instruments - donated by various individuals and congregations and also purchased with a gift through Mission Central

All logistics of shipping and customs have been covered by a generous gift through Mission Central of Mapleton, Iowa.

I had spent three weeks making a large route in a Uhaul and later a Penske truck through Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, and Michigan to pick up numerous pallets of donated goods. I thank the Lord for his safe-keeping along the way. I also thank my father, Bill Gaugert, and my grandfather Larry Lange, other members of my family, and the members of St. John's Lutheran Church in Sullivan, Wisconsin, for their help with this project.

By the time you receive this newsletter the container will probably be on its way or the items in the final stages of shipping preparations. Please pray that all would go smoothly with the transport and shipping and that we will be spared from unexpected and costly surprises in dealing with customs in Burkina Faso.

These resources will help the local African pastors and leaders to be better informed of Lutheran theology and practice so that they can be united and informed as they address cultural and ministerial challenges in their contexts and as they seek to share the Word of God in its truth and purity.

I will certainly keep you posted on the impact of these many gifts.

Furlough in 2018

I also want to inform all of you, my patient and faithful supporters, that I will be back in the United States starting in July 2018 for 4-8 months of home service. This is the time that a missionary comes back on furlough to reconnect with parishes and donors to give a personal report on the impact of their support and prayers. Normally a missionary comes back after two years in the field to conduct these visits. Because of pressing involvement in our field and changes in our team in West Africa, I have been putting off my furlough for a few years to focus on the tasks I have needed to do with my African and American colleagues. In light of the unfortunate fact that I have found it very difficult to keep up on regular newsletters, I want to make a point to make as many visits as possible to let you all know the fruits of the work to which you give.

In order to try to keep the visits in the same area I will be trying to stick to a general travel schedule of:

    July 2018 – Missouri/Kansas
    August/September 2018 – Wisconsin
    October/November 2018 – Iowa/Nebraska/Kansas
    December 2018 – Indiana/Ohio
    January/February 2019 – California/Florida/New Jersey/Pennsylvania

This travel schedule is a general guide and not established in stone. I share it so that I can use the limited travel resources to make shorter hops from one parish/area to another, rather than making large plane trips or crossing entire states to do one presentation. Please send an email to me to let me know of a particular Sunday or time when I might be able to visit you and your parishes and church groups. Even though we are still a year away from my furlough visits, I look forward to reconnecting with many of you and letting you know what the Lord is doing in the mission field.

Thank you again for your faithful, sacrificial giving and your prayers.

In Christ,

Rev. Jacob W. Gaugert
Centre Luthérien D'Études Theologiques
B.P. 53

Togocell # (+228) 93 43 95 26
T-Mobile Intl. # (262) 271-3813

About our Missionary ...

Reverend Jacob W. Gaugert was ordained in April, 2010. at Dr. Martin Luther Lutheran Church in Chicago, Illinois. He graduated from Concordia University Wisconsin, Mequon, Wis., in 2004 with a bachelor’s degree in theological and classical languages. He attended Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana for two years and spent an acedemic year as Vicar for St. Mary's Lutheran Church in Berlin, Germany. He received his M. Div. degree from Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Ind., in 2010. He served as Vacancy Pastor at St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church in Whiting, Indiana from 2011-2013.

In 2013, Reverend Gaugert answered a call as a career missionary to teach at a Lutheran Seminary in Dapaong, Togo (West Africa).